November 19, 2015

The Water Cycle

Last Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach 
about the water cycle to my field experience class of 3rd Graders.

I introduced my lesson with this video 
and made the students guess what we were going to learn. 

Then, I showed them this video 
and most of them already knew all the words.
 So they really got into singing along. 

Now, I have this awesome song stuck in my head and I literally have sung it everyday.

I also bought this water cycle packet from TPT for $3.50, here's the link:
    • I used the vocabulary match as a whole group exercise.
    • I used the task cards as a small group exercise and called it "WATER CYCLE RELAYS".
    • I used the foldable as a independent exercise (and assessment). 
    • There is also a water cycle diagram that students can label, but we didn't have enough time to complete it.

I had so much fun teaching the water cycle, I wish you guys could have been there :)