September 14, 2015

My First Post

Hey y'all :) My name is Nechelle Williams and I am a Senior in Elementary Education at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. GEAUXXX TIGERS!!!!! I start student teaching in January and couldn't be more excited. Initially, I went to LSU to become a Mechanical Engineer (crazy right?) because of my love for mathematics.  Then, one day in my Chemistry 1202 class, I had an 'aha' moment when my professor had his son's elementary class join us for a lecture. I thought maybe I could take my love for math and use it to teach a future generation to love math and create future engineers and mathematicians. That same day I changed my major and haven't looked back since. I will dedicate this blog to everything teaching! I am still deciding on which grade I want to teach, but right now first grade seems to have my heart. I will make sure to post things I create and other resources I find useful for all teachers and future teachers, free of charge. My ultimate goal is to just help teachers by giving them different ideas and resources, because we all know how stressful being a teacher can be with creating lessons, activities, procedures, assessments, etc., on top of everything else. I hope my blog helps you, enjoy!

Don't forget to be Magical!